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Frost on Nails in Attic

frost on nails

This is frost on a piece of high quality insulated glass in my man cave. The outdoor temperature was minus 6 F and there's NO humidifier in this building! The same frost on nails could be happening in my attic! Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Frost on nails in attic spaces may frighten you. It should to a degree. It's important to realize frost is in your attic for a few reasons.

Frost on Nails is Frozen Condensation

Remember the last hot and humid day you were sitting outside drinking a cold beer, iced tea, soda or glass of ice water? The outside of the can or glass had drops of water on it that rolled down and got the table wet.

Another key point is the water moments before was invisible. The water was a gas in the air surrounding you and the can or glass.  The water is the same thing that creates the uncomfortable humidity most people loathe.

This exact same process is happening in your attic during extreme cold weather. The nails that you see in your attic get as cold as the outdoor temperature. The air in the attic has water in it and it condenses on the cold metal.

A point often overlooked is that since it's winter, the water freezes on the cold nails. This is why you see the frost.

frost on nails

A tool like this shoots nails through shingles. The tips of the nails are supposed to penetrate through the wood on your roof. The nails are 0 F too as long as the roof is shaded. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

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How to STOP the Frost on Nails

At the present time, here's how to stop the frost you're seeing in your attic:

  • lower the humidity in the house
  • increase air flow through attic

It's not easy to lower the humidity in your home. Many sources advise you to ADD humidity to your indoor air to feel warmer in the winter.

It's easier to increase the air moving through your attic using roof turbine vents and other traditional roof vents.

It must be remembered you must have great soffit ventilation so the air travels through your attic as a constant breeze.

Without delay this air movement brings in drier outdoor air into the attic. The dry air evaporates the frost!

Old Houses Didn't Have Frost

A point often overlooked is old houses didn't have this frost on nails problem.

The houses were drafty and the humidity couldn't build up to cause a problem. Your modern house is much tighter and the humidity can soar.


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