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Galvanized Nails Quiz

This is an experiment. I discussed it in my September 14, 2016 AsktheBuilder Newsletter under Galvanized Nails, Screws and Connectors.

I want to see if you're interested in discovering how and why things work around your home in a fun and clever way.

Please take the quiz below. It's only five questions.

All of the questions are REQUIRED. I'll be publishing graphic results of how you and others did on each question.

The CORRECT ANSWERS to the quiz are down below it, but don't cheat and look at them.

There are also LINKS to past columns of mine about galvanizing that explain all of this in MUCH GREATER detail.

I URGE YOU TO CLICK the LINKS and do a little reading to get the FACTS about galvanizing.

COMMENT BELOW after taking the quiz to let me know if you liked this. If enough respond, I'll continue to do this.



Question 1: Yes

Question 2: No

Question 3: Yes

Question 4: Yes

Question 5: Yes


Four Types of Galvanizing

Preventing RUST on Nails and Screws - GREAT PHOTO HERE



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