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Garage Door & Secure Radio Operators


Up until a few years ago, garage door design possibilities were very limited. Today, you can select a magnificent fiberglass garage door that looks like it is a beautiful walnut, oak, cherry or poplar door! The wood graining, color, and texture are so real it will definitely impress anyone who drives up to your home.

Changing Trends

Consumers respond to change. People like new things. Manufacturers know this and take advantage of this fact. Smart manufacturers respond to market demands by making high quality, efficient, good looking products that offer value. Garage door manufacturers have refined this principle with the new generation of garage doors.

Energy issues, needs for maintenance free living, safety concerns and durability have all been addressed. The most exciting advance in garage doors at this time has to be the insulated fiberglass garage door. Couple this with a radio controlled opener that randomly changes its code to foil thieves and you have a real asset to enhance your home.

Energy Issues

Do you have a living space above your garage? If so, it possibly is cooler than the rest of the home. New garage doors are available that offer up to an R-value of 9.2. This is a huge advancement over older doors that offered virtually no insulating capability.

However, insulated doors alone can't keep your house or garage comfortable. You need to pay attention to weather-stripping details around the entire edge of the door, the spaces between the door panels and the bottom door seal. Air infiltration will cancel all of the great insulating qualities of even the best door. Certain doors, such as those made by Clopay, actually offer a unique weather-stripping bead between the panels of sectional overhead doors. These gaskets create a very weathertight seal.

A DIY Job?

Are you thinking of replacing your garage door? If so, forget about doing it yourself. This is one job that must be left to the professional. Garage doors are the largest mechanical object in your home. Sixteen foot wide doors can weigh in excess of 350 lbs when assembled! You surely don't want that door and track to come crashing down on top of your new car or yourself, do you?

Steel Doors a Strong #2

Perhaps a fiberglass garage door is not in your budget. Don't despair! Give a serious look to the steel insulated doors. These doors offer all of the same features of the top quality doors. Because of special finishing processes, the finish of the steel doors can last for many years. Special zinc coated steel and rust inhibitive paints allow manufacturers to offer strong warranties.

Hardware Improvements

Garage door hardware has also seen improvements. Plastic has begun to replace certain steel parts. Nylon rollers and suspension systems are becoming more common. These materials offer superior precision that allow doors to operate smoothly and with less noise. If you see this nylon on your new door, don't think that the manufacturer has cut a corner. In fact, they have made it easier for your son or daughter to sneak into the house late at night!

Maintenance Free?

If you purchase a new door, don't think that you are getting out of all future painting and staining duties. This is especially true of the new fiberglass doors. These doors rely on special stains and clear coatings to create that wonderful look of wood. However, every few years this finish requires a rejuvenation.

The paint on steel doors, good as it is, will also succumb to the elements. It is not uncommon that these doors need a fresh coat of paint every 10 years or so.

A squirt of an oil can will also go a long way. If you lubricate all of the moving parts according to the suggestions of the manufacturer, your door might very well last 30 years or more.

Don't be like the average homeowner who neglects things. Inspect your garage door every six months so that you can maximize this big investment. If the door needs work, call a professional. You can save your money doing something else.

With proper care, you may only have to call a professional every 10 years or so. That is a small price to pay to ensure that your door will operate smoothly during a fierce rainstorm, a howling dust storm or a blizzard.



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