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Garage Storage – Loft Material List

Garage Storage - Loft Material List

Building my garage storage loft does not require too much material. If you visit a full service lumber yard, they will have everything on the following list. Do NOT use roofing nails to attach the joist hangers to the beams and ledger board. Roofing nails are designed for shingles, not for supporting large amounts of weight. The heads of the nails can pop off and the shafts of the nails can break. You can buy short nails that have a thick shaft and thick head that are meant to take weight. They are specified in the following list.

This is the material list for the garage storage platform shown in the column Floor Plan for Garage Storage Loft. If you build it wider or deeper, you will need to modify the list dramatically. Remember, if the span between the 4x4 posts is more than 8 feet, make the front beam double 2x8's.

The Material List:

  • Four 2x6 x 12's - Cut to 6' long for joists

  • Three 2x6 x 8's - Ledger and Double Beam
  • Two 4x4 x ? - Length depends upon height of your garage
  • Two 2x4 x 8's - Blocking material for anchoring top of 4x4 posts
  • Four 1/2 inch x 7 inch long carriage bolts with washers and nuts - Use these to attach the beam to the 4x4 posts - two bolts per post.
  • Six 3/8 x 5 inch long lag bolts with washers - Use these to attach the ledger board to the rear wall of the garage.
  • Twelve single 2x6 Simpson or equivalent metal joist hangers
  • 1 small box Simpson or equivalent joist hanger nails
  • Two 4' x 8' x 3/4 inch pieces of plywood for loft flooring ( 5/8 or 1/2 inch can be substituted)
  • Two Simpson or equivalent 4x4 post bases
  • Two 1/2" x 3" expansion stud anchors for post bases
  • Two pounds of 8 penny sinker nails - For subfloor attachment
  • Two pounds of 16 penny sinker nails - for misc. attachment of joists to beams, beam construction, etc.

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