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Garage Storage – Plans & Metal Storage Project Connectors

Garage Storage Fabrication Parts / Plans

Do you struggle to build wood shelving units? The job can be made very simple if you have nice metal connectors for the corners and intermediate connections points. They are readily available. Not only that, excellent plans and step-by-step construction help is also available.

The Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc. makes a full line of pre-bent galvanized metal connectors that allow you to construct workbenches, shelving units, simple shelves, etc. with no hassles whatsoever. This is the same company that makes a full line of joist hangers and other structural framing connectors that we carpenters/builders use on a daily basis.

They have a wonderfully illustrated catalog showing these specialized garage storage metal accessories. It is called the Do-It-Yourself Construction Connectors Catalog. They also have some great project plans available for free download in PDF format. Check out their Dealer Locator to find the dealer nearest you.

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