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Garbage Disposal for Septic Tank Manufacturer

Septic Disposal Manufacturer

I know you are going to hate me, but at this point in time, there appears to be only one company that makes a garbage disposal specifically for septic systems. I surmise that engineers at other companies are already developing similar machines that will not violate the patent rights of the company that introduced this new and exciting product.

The septic disposal is made by In-Sink-Erator, Emerson Electric Co.. They are the world's leading disposal manufacturer - in fact, the founder of the company, John Hammes, developed the first garbage disposal in his basement in 1927 using a tin snips and soldering iron. He invested 10 years of his time refining the disposal concept and decided to formally launch the business in 1937. During his first year in business, he sold a total of 52 hand made disposals. That is a whopping 1 disposal per week! This story reminds me of how a giant oak tree begins from a tiny acorn!

I have been a licensed master plumber for nearly 10 years. Before that time and during the past ten years, I have installed hundreds of In-Sink-Erator regular disposals. They truly make a fine product. I have never had to perform a service call due to a defective motor, grinders, etc. The only problem I ever had was when a helper forgot to remove the drain inlet plug for the dishwasher drain tube. Of course, this was an operator error, not a problem with the actual disposal!

The new septic disposal comes with a powerful 1/2 Hp induction motor that rotates the grinding disc at 1,725 rpm. As with all In-Sink-Erator products, they simply twist into place on the easy-to-install sink strainer. The grind chamber is corrosion proof and the actual grinders are stainless steel.

The unique Bio-Charge cartridge that contains the beneficial bacteria snaps easily into place on the side of the disposal. Once in place, the disposal automatically injects the proper amount of enzymes with each load of food that is ground up. A refill bottle of Bio-Charge will retail for approximately $8.95. The disposal retails for $179 in most major markets in America. You should be able to find the disposal at all major home center stores and any plumbing supply house that carries In-Sink-Erator disposals.

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