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Garden Arbor Video

You have a photograph of the garden arbor but not plans. Check the article to see if they provide any overall dimensions. If you have those, start working backwards. Gather the materials required. For best results outdoors, use redwood because it is naturally rot resistant. If all the pieces are painted before assembly, they will last even longer.

If your project has curved cuts in it, check the house for cans or bowls with a similar size curve. Use this as a template for drawing your curves. If the desired curve is larger than any household item, get a thin, flexible piece of wood. It can be bent in match your curve.

Cut the rest of the material and check them for fit. Paint all the pieces before assembly. Start putting your garden trellis together and add pieces as required.

With just a few dimensions or measurements, you can create a wonderful garden arbor from a photograph or drawing.


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