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Gas Can Survey

Please take the short survey. You'll benefit and help the world by doing this.


Tim Carter - Founder / www.AsktheBuilder.com

P.S. After taking the survey, WATCH the video below to see one way to fix your gas can if you're unhappy.



16 Responses to Gas Can Survey

  1. It would be great if your site supported iPad. Every time I touched a target to select an answer it jumped to the bottom of the screen.

  2. Those new gas cans with the nozzle that you have to push a spring mechanism to get gas are terrible. I just remove the nozzle and with a funnel fill the tank.
    Give me the old fashioned nozzle back.

  3. Tim, some time ago you featured a gas can that appeared to be super easy to use, but frankly, who's going to pay the outrageous price shown. Some of us don't have that kind of money to spend.

  4. Things jumped around on my iPad Pro too. I long for my old gas can that just had a spout with a cap and a vent hole. These new and improved with a trigger or push spout and springs are awful. de W2TV

  5. What kind or survey is this! Instead, ask if the newer 'no spill' caps work or not, can the can be ergonomically held while filling. I find the new 'no spill' caps to be frustrating at best. Older pop off caps worked better, but 5 gallon containers are hard to pour without effort and splashing.

  6. Hi Tim, I have 2 "NO SPILL" gas cans for several years and they are great. A little tight to put spout back on, but doesn't leak.

  7. I hate the new gas cans that require you to 'push' the spout onto whatever you are trying to fill. I like the 'old-fashion' kind that allows you to take the cap off and pour. What a pain to use the new ones! Thank goodness somebody came up with a solution to sell a 'normal' spout.

  8. Why does the gas-can spout surprise you ? It was
    awarded first place by DC swamp experts . Go to
    most any auto-parts store-for about $10 you can
    get the old passe type that is great to use.!!

  9. Your new gas can is quite impressive. My concern is that a can with a rotating outlet and lever controlled dispenser must have some O-rings and other parts that will eventually deteriorate due to exposure to gasoline containing ethanol. I've had some plastic gasoline cans for more than 20 years and they are still very functional and do not leak. Can I expect that kind of life from this new state-of-the-art can?

  10. Tim, I have a few plastic gas cans. Some are older and have an air vent. The newer ones that don't have an air vent are painfully slow to fill a machine. I use 5 gallon diesel containers for my skid loader for winter grade fuel. Because of the lack of venting, and having to turn a fitting on the spout and push a certain way to make it work, when it slips out of that setting, and spills fuel on my loader and me, it is messy and in my opinion, the outcome is worse than whatever the manufactures were trying to avoid by their terrible design. I realize there are probably well meaning regulators that mandated the design, but I assure you, more fuel is spilled all over than is contained by what appears to be an inferior design. I managed to find one diesel 5 gallon plastic fuel container with a fill port, and a separate rotating hose/spout at the bottom. Unfortunately it is painfully slow, and the spout was too small. The newer designed fuel containers have taken us 10 steps backwards. If the newer fuel containers are supposed to be safer, and more environmentally friendly, it appears what has really happened is these newer fuel cans routinely cause fuel spills, make messes, are difficult hard to operate, and too slow to pour out the contents. My apologies for the rant, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people would agree with me.

  11. My "metal" gas can with a flexible "metal" spout is over 30 years old and will likely be the last gas can I ever buy. Don't make them like that anymore!

  12. Your survey is useless because it neglects to ask a key question: how old is your gas can. When I read your email, I knew the survey was going to be used as "evidence" that no one likes new gas cans. When I took the survey, I answered your questions honestly, but those answers skew your results toward the happy/easy side (i.e. not the results you are looking for). The reason for this is that my newest gas can was purchased at least 20 years ago. The survey results would be much more useful if they could be split into "pre safety device" and "current safety device" eras.

  13. I don't know what they are trying to prove with the new designs. My understanding is that they are trying to prevent fuel spills. Never had spills with the old designs (or minimal ones). The new designs aren't preventing anything in my experience and most of us are bypassing the features and you know that "they" can't police us anyway in any effective manner. Like others have said, I just take off the cap (after cutting off the ratcheting feature) and pour it down a funnel. The spills are always caused by miscalculating how much fuel will fit in the tank. That problem is NOT going away in my opinion.

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