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Gas Fireplaces Video

Do you have to carry in firewood for your fireplace? What a pain! Wood burning fireplaces require a lot of work and they are dirty. Plus, you have to constantly tend the fire. There is an easier way.

A gas fireplace is a better alternative. There are gas logs that look very realistic. Some much so that some actually glow and have glowing embers. Gas fireplaces provide instant warmth. No waiting for the logs to catch fire. Just turn on the switch and the fireplace comes to life.

Another advantage is once you turn off the fire, you can close the damper right away. No warming for the logs to go out completely and leaving the damper open allowing cold air to flow down the chimney. Or the warmer air inside the house escaping up the chimney.

If your fireplace does not have a gas connection, one can normally be added, especially if your fireplace has one of those ash dumps. Connect a contractor or plumber to run your gas line to the fireplace. Then just flip the switch and sit back and enjoy the warmth.


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