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Gas Grills Video

It's that time of the year to drag out the grill. Do you still have a grill that uses propane tanks? Think about this - most of the homes in the Greater Cincinnati area have natural gas. If your house has natural gas, why don't you change your grill to a natural gas grill?

Propane grills have a hose that goes from the propane tank to the grill. Gas grills with have a fuel hose also. But this hose will run from the barbecue grill to your house.

You will probably need a professional to run the black iron gas line to the outside of the house. Once the gas pipe is outside the house, a few brass fittings and valves are needed to connect the gas supply to the natural gas grill.

The gas grill orifices will need to be changed to accommodate the use of natural gas. Be sure to check the orifice on your grill before firing it up.

Once connected, you won't run out of fuel in the middle of cooking out again.


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