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Gladiator Mobile Workstation

Gladiator Mobile Workstation

Here's the Gladiator Mobile workstation assembled and doing its first job supporting heavy sacks of potting soil. Ignore the china sink in the background. Hours before I had brought the sink outdoors after completing a master bathroom remodel. After taking this photo, I cleaned the sink up before listing it on Craigslist. I routinely sell things I take out of my home in remodeling projects that are still in great condition. I didn't want to set it on the blacktop and risk chipping or scratching it. But don't look for this workstation to be on Craigslist! No way I'd ever give up this bad boy! You'll pry it from my cold dead hands! Copyright 2019 Tim Carter CLICK or TAP THE PHOTO NOW TO HAVE ONE OF THESE BAD BOYS DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME.

Gladiator Mobile Workstation

I'm lucky and get to review new products you might use around your home.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to assemble the Gladiator Mobile Workstation.

My first impression was one of wonder as I moved the box to open it.

It was heavy. Heavy almost always means quality, durability and goodness.

What did the folks at Whirlpool / Gladiator ship me, granite rocks?

Workstation is Simple & STRONG

I opened the box on its side and slid out the few parts. Here's all that was in the box:

  • solid thick hardwood top
  • two leg sets
  • bottom shelf
  • four swivel casters
  • bolts and wrenches
  • instructions

In less than twenty minutes it was assembled and ready for use.


Gladiator Mobile Workstation

I got a little ahead of myself, but that's easy to do since it takes minutes to assemble. I put a pad down to protect the gorgeous hardwood top and then set the two leg sets on the top. It's caveman simple to assemble. CLICK or TAP THE PHOTO NOW TO HAVE THIS WORKSTATION DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter


Gladiator Mobile Workstation

The bolts you need come in the blister pack along with the hex wrench you see in the lower left of the photo. The silver wrench is used to screw in the swivel casters. CLICK or TAP THE PHOTO NOW TO PURCHASE THIS WORKSTATION AND HAVE IT AT YOUR HOME NEXT WEEK. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter


Gladiator Mobile Workstation

This is the shelf that fits between the legs. It's easy to install and you can have it one of two ways. I decided I wanted the small lips facing up so things don't slide off the shelf as I roll it around. Do you like my vanity license plate? Get it? CLICK or TAP THE PHOTO NOW TO HAVE THIS WORKSTATION AT YOUR HOME. YOU WON'T NEED MY HELP ASSEMBLING IT. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter


Gladiator Mobile Workstation

These are the four casters that screw into the legs. These things are strong enough to support a Boeing 747 coming in fully loaded with people, luggage and cargo. CLICK or TAP THE PHOTO NOW TO BE THE PROUD OWNER OF THIS MOBILE WORKSTATION. YOUR NEIGHBORS WILL BE SO JEALOUS. WARNING: YOU'LL HAVE TO CHAIN IT UP IN YOUR GARAGE BECAUSE THEY'LL TRY TO STEAL IT. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter


Gladiator Mobile Workstation

This handsome logo is on both long edges of the solid hardwood top. I'm pretty much convinced you could put lots of weight on this mobile workstation. The load capacity is only limited by the large bolts that connect the top to the legs. CLICK  or TAP THE PHOTO NOW TO ORDER THIS MOBILE WORKSTATION. SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED! Copyright 2019 Tim Carter



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