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Glass Shower Wall Panels

glass shower wall panels

These are clear glass shower wall panels. This is my own bathroom and they're easy to keep clean. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

"The glass panels can't be trimmed in your home. They come in a specific size. Many panels come with a translucent gasket that can help fill a gap should the walls be slightly out of plumb."

Are Glass Shower Wall Panels Clean & Sleek?

Last year I installed some clear glass shower wall panels and door for my wife. As a result, she's loving our remodeled master bathroom. They are sleek and easy to clean.

The glass panels came as a kit from American Standard. It's important to realize this glass is tempered and is safe. If it breaks, which is very hard to do, it shatters into tiny pieces instead of body-slicing shards the size of swords!

The first thing to remember is the glass panels come in many different patterns and styles. You can get translucent panels so light comes in and you shower in privacy.

Are Glass Shower Walls Easy To Clean?

Glass shower walls are very easy to clean. Just get the right glass.

You may not want glass thinking it's hard to keep clean. Here are the steps to overcome that fear:

  1. Purchase smooth glass, not that with grooves or depressions
  2. Squeegee off water from the glass before exiting the shower
  3. Dry glass in seconds with a microfiber towel
  4. Consider a water softener to prevent hard-water stains

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glass shower wall panels

The chrome bracket keeps the top of the glass panel stable so the door doesn't droop. It's important that solid wood is behind the acrylic panel where the bracket screws are found. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Do you Need Glass Panel Brackets?

The glass panels need to be stable so they don't flex and fall. Special L-brackets are used along the walls for this. Pivoting bracket arms are used at the top of the panels to prevent them from moving back and forth.

The brackets also keep the heavy glass shower door panel from drooping.

Do the Glass Shower Walls Need To Be Plumb?

A point often overlooked is the importance of the walls being plumb and the shower base being level.

The glass panels can't be trimmed in your home. They come in a specific size.

Many panels come with a translucent gasket that can help fill a gap should the walls be slightly out of plumb.

glass shower wall panels

Here's a front view of my glass shower walls. I love the glass panels. Note the squeegee hanging from the one wall inside the shower. We use it after each shower to get most of the water off the glass. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter


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Glass Shower Wall Panels are DIY | AsktheBuilder.com
Glass shower wall panels are not hard to install. If the walls are plumb and the base is level, it will be fast work.
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  1. Hi Tim,
    You are so right, the squeegee is the key to clean glass. We used to use metal handle squeegees like the one you have hanging. That is until you bounce one off your foot and chip the tile. Now your in in pain and trouble at the same time. After your wife makes sure your foot is OK, she's gonna put a knot on your head for messing up her shower. Our daughter introduced us to the Casabella #44037 clip on silicone squeegee. It is very soft, does not damage stuff when dropped in the shower and does not rust. I apologize for sounding like a salesman but in today's world, I find something that is of quality and works, I tend to brag about it.

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