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Gorilla Fiberglass Hybrid Ladder Review

Gorilla Ladder products

Here are the four Gorilla Ladder products. CLICK the image to BUY them. Photo credit: Tim Carter

Yesterday the Fed-Ex man dropped off a Gorilla Fiberglass Hybrid Ladder.

To be honest, he dropped off four Gorilla Ladder products!

CLICK these following links to BUY these amazing products:

At the time this review was written, there were no links on Amazon.com for the work platforms.

I didn't think it was possible to improve upon a simple thing like a step ladder.

I was WRONG.

I've used step ladders for over fifty years. I had become numb to how they work and figured you'd always have to struggle to open and close them.

I figured you'd always have to put up with how heavy and bulky they are, especially the non-conductive fiberglass step ladders.

The Gorilla Hybrid Ladders SHATTER all those stereotypes.

Within seconds of opening the nice shipping boxes, I quickly discovered these are ladders I'd NEVER allow anyone to borrow and I'd most certainly use them before any other ladder.

They were:

  • light
  • well-built
  • easy to open and close with one hand
  • sturdy
  • not bulky

These have excellent standing platforms as you get up off the normal steps. This leads to less fatigue.

The tops of the ladders have great slots and holes to help you manage your tools safely.

The work platforms have all the same features and benefits as the ladders. I don't even think I'd let my kids borrow these things even though the ladders and platforms are practically indestructible.

I'll let the photos do the rest of the job of telling you about these great products.

By the way, the aluminum ladder is my FAVORITE. I don't allow anyone in the house to touch it much less use it. It's feather-light, yet strong and sturdy.

CLICK or TAP HERE NOW to have the aluminum ladder delivered to you.

Gorilla Ladders

CLICK the image to BUY this ladder now. Photo credit: Tim Carter

ladder rivet gorilla

ladder top view

Look at all the places you can put tools. The large hole in the lower right is for a drill or impact driver chuck. The large center recess is for a gallon paint can. CLICK THE IMAGE TO BUY the ladder. Photo credit: Tim Carter

Gorilla Work Platform

Here's the work platform. It's huge and has a handy step for you to use to get up and off of it safely without blowing out a knee. Photo credit: Tim Carter

Platform Lock

When you extend the legs out on the platform, they LOCK in place so the platform doesn't collapse if you rock back and forth. You press in this yellow button so the legs can be folded back to store the platform. Photo credit: Tim Carter


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