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Granite Retaining Wall

A granite retaining wall like this one will last for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Tilt the top back towards the hill you're holding back for best results. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Granite Retaining Walls Built Right Last for 1,000 Years or More

Granite retaining walls come in all shapes, sizes, and heights. They can be built with or without mortar.

Granite is best because it's:

  • strong
  • resists erosion
  • easy to shape
  • looks good

Granite may not be available where you live, but it's very common here in New Hampshire. That's why our state name is the Granite State. My own home is built upon the Meredith Porphyritic Granite - known as one of the most beautiful rocks in all of New England.

Rounded Granite Retaining Walls Work Too

My house has hundreds of feet of rounded granite retaining walls. The bouldersĀ can be as large as 5 feet in diameter down to 9 inches.

Most of this rock wall was built in less than five hours by one person. Some of the larger rocks had to be put in place with a machine. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

In the woods near my home you can find miles of granite walls that created sheep pastures back in the 1840s. The rock was rounded by the last period of Continental glaciation. Even rounded, the rocks stack with relative ease.

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