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Great Gloves for Work Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I want to talk a little about work gloves. They are really important to protect your hands while you work. Check this out.

This is a pair of work gloves I have had for several years. They do a really good job. The back of the glove is a synthetic fiber. The finger tips are reinforced on both sides. On the palm of the glove, the material is leather with reinforcing patches in the wear zones. It has the hoop and loop, or velcro, closure on the wrist band so you can adjust the tightness around your wrist. These gloves are good around fire because the leather palm won't burn to easily. You just have to watch embers on the back side where the material is mesh.

The next pair of gloves is a light weight, nylon glove. This is a light duty glove with elastic bands around the wrists. The palm side is covered with a nitrile foam that has the appearance and feel of sticky rubber. This provides great gripping feel. This foam wraps all the way around the finger tips to keep your hands dry if you are handling wet materials. The upper section of the gloves will allow water in if it is raining.

The third pairs of work gloves is basically the same as the last pair except it has a few extra features. It is a medium duty glove but with an adjustable strap for the wrist closure. The foam coating on this pair is thicker then the last pair.

These are just a few examples of the variety of work gloves available. If you are purchasing work gloves, make sure they fit your hand. Not all gloves are sized the same. You will have to try them to make sure they fit. If you are ordering online, you might need to order several sizes to fit the proper fit for your hands. Then you can return the pair that doesn't fit.

Gloves are now available that are specialized for any particular task. It pays to get the right glove for your project. The right gloves will make your hands comfortable, safe and provide warmth for cold weather projects.

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