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Indoor Greenhouse DIY Photos

Storm Door with beveled glass on greenhouse

Indoor Greenhouse DIY - This is outside looking into the space. That is a Pella Storm Door with beveled glass - tulip pattern to match the greenhouse theme.

Indoor Greenhouse DIY - It's Easy with Pittsburg Corning Provantage System

An indoor greenhouse diy paradise is possible if you use glass block you assemble with plastic spacers and silicone caulk. You can build a sizeable indoor greenhouse in a day.

The most important part is to make sure the first row of glass block is perfectly level in both directions.

Watch this video to see how I built the indoor greenhouse diy oasis you see in the photos on this page.

 outside 45 degree corner.

This is the outside 45 degree corner. You use special 45-degree glass block to create the corner. As long as you have the walls plumb, the corner will be plumb too.

Watch this video to see how to GROUT the glass block once you have them all installed:

custom cut redwood ceiling

I'm standing in the door looking in and up to the ceiling. The grid is made from custom cut redwood. Do you like those cool ceiling panels or what? 


Left interior wall with electric outlets

This is the left interior wall looking through the open storm door. See the electric outlets and thermostat control that activates cooling fan when grow lights raise the temperature too high?

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