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Grout Floor Tile Video Series

Grout Floor Tile Video Series

This is a four-part series I created showing how I achieve success when grouting ceramic floor tile. Talk to three other tile setters and they may have different suggestions.

Read in the January 12, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter about the grout in Tim's church.

All I can tell you is I've installed thousands of square feet of grout the way you'll see below and none of it has ever crumbled or cracked.

You use the same skills and techniques when grouting wall tile, but you need to use unsanded grout for grout lines less than 1/8-inch in width.

Remember that water is your friend and foe.

Too much water will RUIN your new grout.

If you're a rookie, I BEG you to buy one piece of cement board and lay it on your garage floor. Install some cheap tile on it that's similar to what you're using in your home.

Practice grouting this test panel before you advance to the real floor in your home.

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There's no need to comment below about my lack of using knee pads. I don't know why I forgot to get them out when taping this video series.

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