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Grout Sealer Video

Ceramic tile is very popular in the Tri-State area. It is found in the bathroom, shower stalls and in the kitchen. The common complaint is how do you keep the grout clean?

Grout gets dirty because it has a very porous surface. Close up, it would look like a sponge. Lots of openings to trap dirt, scrum and soap. That is what the mildew eats and feeds on. So, how do you stop that from happening? You need to seal the grout.

Get some clear grout sealer. These sealers will fills in those holes and crevices to food and soap can not get trapped in the grout. Most sealers have a little application brush build right in.

After each shower, use a squeeze to remove any excess water off the tile and grout. Leave the shower door or shower curtain open to get good ventilation into the shower. This will allow the tile to dry as rapidly as possible.


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