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When getting ready to grout floor tile, there are a few steps to take to ensure a proper job. There are many ways to grout tile floors. Here are some tips that have worked for Tim, for the past 35 years!

First, take a damp sponge and lightly dampen some of the tiles. Not dripping wet, but just damp. That helps lubricate the tile so when the sanded grout is poured onto the tile, it won’t scratch. The grout powder contains little silica particles in it that are sharp. By lubricating the tile surfaces with water, it makes the grout move around easier.

After the grout is mixed to the consistency of bricklayers mortar, use a broad knife to put some of the grout onto the tiles. Use a rubber float to spread the grout. But don’t make a rookie mistake by using the rubber float dry. Get it damp first by dipping the surface in a bucket of water. Remove any excess water with your hand. The damp rubber float will help spread the grout easier.

Don’t spread the grout with the float parallel to the gap between the tiles. This allows the back edge of the float to drop down into the crack. Pull the rubber float at an angle across the crack. Push the grout down into the crack as you spread it. Don’t worry about leaving a little grout on the tile surface. It might make you nervous to leave it on the tile, but it will be okay.

Spread and push the grout in the gaps between the tiles, always moving the rubber float at an angle to the crack. To remove excess grout, hold the rubber float at a higher angle and strike it across the tile. The grout will be pushed off the tile. Use two hands if needed, but be sure that the crack is completely filled with grout. You can’t have any depressions in the joints.

Work on an area of about 3 feet by 3 feet. That is about the best size for working since you have to strike the joints with a sponge. But you can’t use the sponge right away, so work in a small area that is easy to reach. Once it is completed with spreading the grout, it will be ready for the sponge. Working in this size area will allow you to reach all the tiles without stepping on tiles that have not been cleaned off yet.

In the next video, you will see how to clean the grout off the ceramic tiles. Stay tuned.


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