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Gutter Cleaning Video

The fall is a great time of year. However, those leaves get every where. Including in your gutters. How do you get the leaves out of the gutters? The are a few alternatives.

A time consuming method is to set up a ladder, climb up with a bucket and pick the leaves out of the gutter and place them in the bucket. Be sure not to over-reach or the ladder could become unstable. You have to climb up and down every few feet to move the ladder.

If your roof has a low pitch, you can climb up on the roof, sit down next to the gutter and pull the leaves out. You can place the leaves in a bucket, a bag or just threw them onto the ground.

OR!!! You can use a power blower! These power blowers are great for blowing out of the gutters and off the roof. Be sure the roof is dry and safe to walk on. Also, wear gym shoes with good traction. The leaves blow off easier if they are dry.

If you have a lot of leaves on your roof and in your gutters, try a power blower. They are quick and easy.


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