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Gutter Guard Reviews

Kathleen has a bunch of clogged gutters at her Port Townsend, WA home. Let her tell you about her dilemma.

"I am shopping for gutter screens to keep debris out of the gutters. What do you think of Gutter helmet?

What suggestions do you have?

We Have built a new house and the gutters are filled with debris. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated."

Kathleen, I spent years testing all sorts of gutter guards.

One of them was Gutter Helmet. I used to get kicked out of their booth at home and garden shows because I'd take small scraps of paper and show how it would get sucked down into the gutter by the flowing water in the display.

The salesmen were furious that I was offering up evidence that was contrary to how they said " ... nothing will get into your gutters. Just water flows into the gutters."

What I discovered after years of testing is if you want NOTHING but water to get into your gutters, then you have to purchase a gutter guard made from stainless steel micromesh.

Go read my report and watch my videos at my Gutter Guard Test Results page.


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