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Gutter Guard Scam Pevely MO

Gutter Guard Scam Pevely, MO - Beware High-Pressure Sales

Rick reached out to me a day after I asked my AsktheBuilder newsletter subscribers to share what their gutter guards cost to install.

That input of information helped create my Gutter Guard Cost page. You should look at it. It contains OTHER gutter guard scam links.

BEWARE Powerful Psychology

His story is powerful and it speaks to the often unethical tactics used by salespeople that prey on folks like you. They make use of extremely effective psychology that works on every human being. It's much like the Jedi mind tricks Obi-Wan Kenobi used in the original Star Wars movie.

This psychology is all covered in an easy-to-read book titled: Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion

I link to it below Rick's story. I BEG YOU TO BUY IT so you NEVER GET SCREWED AGAIN.

LeafFilter is going to be none too happy about Rick's story but they only have their dealer to blame. Federal Law allows me to publish stories like this so you can avoid heartache as Rick suffered.

Hi Tim,

I'm not certain hitting reply to your message will get MY message through but I have to give it a try. I sent in my information anonymously using your form however I felt it necessary to expound.

The rear of my house is nearly three stories off the ground. Additionally, although my garage is only one story, it is very hard to access for me. Reluctantly I called to get an estimate and subsequently paid LeafFilter the approximate rate of $1200/hour (that's it-2 hours of work!).

As I was outside paying the installer (who was not supposed to be a subcontractor but was), I noted his next job in an opened folder when he walked away to take care of something he missed. When he returned, I casually mentioned the fact that his next job was almost the same linear footage yet was half the price. His response?  "You've got to bargain with these guys to get the best price."  REALLY? I didn't realize I was buying a used car here!

Tim, I have lived with the guilt of wasting my hard-earned income since the installation, and given that I am months away from retirement, it hurts even more.  Please use your forum to get the word out to as many people as possible that these guys shoot from the hip when it comes to pricing. Their initial estimate was over $3,600 but once all my "discounts" were applied, including one for paying by check, I actually thought I was paying a fair price. Now I feel like I have been taken.

Additionally, besides promising 'no subcontractor', complete clean-out, and realignment of my gutters and caulking where needed, the job consisted of throwing out the leaves and slapping a cover over the top. When I did the front of my house (myself) with micromesh guards from Costo, I cleaned the debris and hosed the shingle grit until it was nearly spotless. I want to know how someone can caulk over dirt and grit (I know the answer. You cannot!)

Despite my written review to the company, I have yet to even receive a telephone call saying, "we're sorry". This whole operation is a scam and I am still very upset about the whole thing.

Thanks for allowing me to get it off my chest.
Pevely, MO

Psychology Tricks Book

Purchase this book ASAP and read it. It's very simple to understand.


Influence Book Cover



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