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Gutter Guards For Pine Needles

gutter guards for pine needles

This is the best gutter guard I've ever tested. A stainless steel micro mesh prevents any pine needles from getting into the gutter. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Gutter guards for pine needles are available and they work. I have them on my own home.

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Gutter Guards For Pine Needles

The best gutter guards are ones that have a fine micro mesh covering. This mesh stops pine needles of every variety.

For one thing, I've been using a micro mesh gutter guard on my past two homes for over ten years. Not one pine needle has entered my gutters.

Most gutter guards have large holes, slits or other openings that get clogged with small tree debris and the needles. Watch this video to see how ineffective the poor-performing gutter guards are.

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Gutter Guard Slope Must Match Roof Pitch

It's important to realize a gutter guard should be installed so the top surface is sloped. The slanted surface of the gutter guard allows gravity, wind and rain to clear needles and debris off the gutter guard.

You may have to lower your gutters to be sure the front lip of your gutter is in the same plane of the roofing material.

gutter guards for pine needles

Here's a quick cross section showing how the gutter guard - in green - is in the same plane as the roofing material. The drawing is not to scale. I used to make drawings like this sitting at customers' kitchen tables. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Gutter Guards That #FAIL

Many gutter guards failed in the testing I conducted over the years. I placed small pieces of paper on gutter guard displays at home and garden shows. The paper represented small pieces of leaves, needles and bits of bark. The flowing water carried the pieces of paper into the gutter or clogged the gutter guard.

Watch the following videos. They demonstrate why it's so important to have a micro mesh guard and why the guard needs to be in the same plane as the roofing material.

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10 Responses to Gutter Guards For Pine Needles

  1. I am using the same gutter guard you described, it's stainless steel with a fine mesh, and it does work wonderfully.

  2. I have a tile roof. And a short run of metal roofing on a storage "shed." And I live amongst fir trees, so I have gabillions of needles. Does your gutter guard work with tile and metal? Do you guarantee it to work? What is the expected life expectancy?

    • Pegg,

      I don't make the guard. If you can get it up UNDER the first course of roofing it works.

      I can GUARANTEED that if it's installed according to MFRS instructions, NO NEEDLES will ever get in the gutter.

      CLICK the TEXT LINK above just under the words Free & Fast Bids to get a quote.

  3. This mesh does work well including on pesky water oak leaves. I found out a non-Costco member can order it on-line. On steep pitches the water will over run the gutter on heavy rains. The valleys on my house carry a lot of concentrated water. There is a product / Valley Controller that is effective against debris piling up & obstructing the water flow in this area.

    • I have to challenge your statement about overflow.

      I've NEVER EVER had that issue with my micro mesh gutter guards.

      I've had intense downpours and all the water enters through the mesh with none overflowing.

      You may have the wrong mesh gutter guard.

  4. I have the same problem as Pegg Bauer: a metal roof, with a sizeable L shaped lip on the edge. So there's no way I can get any kind of gutter guard under the roof. I don't have such a problem with leaves, but the snow and ice slides off and smashes my gutters. I have removed them for the winter this year, tired of fixing them every year. I set them lower to try to avoid the problem, but it didn't work.

  5. i had a Leaf Filter gutter guard installed. however, when snow melts, the meltwater does pass thru the microscreen. rather, it drips down over the edge. not good!

  6. Very good and valuable information on selecting gutter guards - especially where you point out that they should be installed to match the pitch/plane of the roof. I am not sure if every installer would consider re-installing gutters to allow for that but it is something to specify when asking for quotes.

  7. Hello Tim,
    Great article re gutter guards. I'm getting ready to purchase and install Gutter Glove brand (Sams Club) - looked through the videos, went to Amazon but was not able to see a mesh product that was endorsed by you - read the article to the end, as well. I realize that there are doubtless many options available, but just curious as to whether you had any input to offer on the Gutter Glove brand. Appreciate any insight you may be able to offer.
    Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

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