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Gutter Guard

For over ten years I have been testing gutter guards, and at the end of this column I tell you which one I installed on my house. Those tests have been chronicled in various columns and videos on my website. Below are two videos that feature, what I believe, perhaps the Holy Grail of gutter guards.

My tests over the years determined that many products allowed small debris in the gutter. Finally, I discovered some products that had an ultra-fine micromesh screening that stopped the debris from getting into the gutter. I tested two products on the same roof under the same trees. One performed better than the other. You can see the visual proof in the videos below. Be sure to watch the videos!!!!!

I was so impressed I selected the one that did the best and had it installed on my own home. If you want the product I used, then simply call the toll-free number below, or visit their Web site. The manufacturer will sell to you directly if they do not have a dealer in your area.

Call 866-818-8000


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  1. Is the oak tree in your yard a pin oak? Mom has about a dozen pin oaks in her yard and in the spring the flowers go everywhere. Just want to know we're dealing with the same demon before I contact MasterShield. Thanks!!!

  2. So which one do you recommend? Watched your video and about to undergo a removation where new gutters will be installed

  3. Is the gutter guard that performed favourably in an area where prevailing winds would tend to clear debris anyway?

  4. Tim,

    Did they have to rehang your existing gutters to get the front side low enough to match the roof pitch or did you have new gutters installed at the proper height and the Mastershield applied to them?

    • Mike,

      I had to rehang them myself. I was told by MasterShield, before their top installer showed up, that the front edge of the gutter had to be in the same plane as the roof.

      The Gutter Glove product was installed by their top installer in OH and he did not require the gutter to be lowered. After these videos were posted, Gutter Glove then MODIFIED their installation instructions to match those of MasterShield - another thing in a long list of things GG copied. Heavy sigh!

  5. Hi Tim,

    How about handling the water flow during a heavy rain. I've seen quite a few reviews that mention water running over the edge of the gutters, but that it does a good job of keeping out the debris. I guess you can't have it both ways.

  6. I would like to see what all you tested and how each performed, not just a blanket recommendation for MasterShield. Give us the actual results on each one you tested and let us make up our own mind.

  7. I am looking to install a gutter shield on my gutters. I am not sure which type to get. I live in the northeast of New York. We get snow and some leaves in the helicopters from the trees. Can you help

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