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Hail Demolishes Roof

Back in 2010, a hailstorm of epic proportions pummeled the roof of Dean Imel's house in Nichols Hill, Oklahoma. Dean exclaimed,

"This was the worst hail storm I'd ever seen," says Imel, who lives in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma. "The ground was completely dry, yet the force of the hail penetrated almost four inches into the soil. Our roof looked like someone had taken a Rototiller to it … the devastation was massive."

While there's no close up photo of the roof before the storm, You can imagine it from the picture taken at the back of the house where the pool is. You can see it would have been a great tile roof.

Look at the size of the hailstones.

Dean decided to never have a problem again. That's why he went for DaVinci Roofscapes® that's made from a polymer. It'll last for decades, looks like real slate and can stand the abuse of hail.

All photos supplied by Dean Imel.


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