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Hardware Store Video

The Tri-State area is lucky to have an abundance of old fashion hardware stores. They offer a variety of goods that you just can not find in other places. Have a problem with flies? This hardware store has fly paper in stock.

Many of these stores carry an assortment of old fashion tools, such as oil cans. Great for oiling your lawnmower. See you still need them.

You can find an assortment of corks in these stores. Perhaps you need to stop up a bottle or piece of tubing.

Wire - thin, copper, steel, stainless - is available at your local hardware store.

Nearly all these hardware stores have racks for hardware, such as stainless bolts, nuts and washers. They are available in machine screw type or wood screw. Stainless hardware is great for outdoor use when you do not want to worry about rust.

You can find a variety of items at your local hardware story and personal service. Shop one today!


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