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Heat Pump Operational Costs Survey

Please fill out the simple form below if you have a heat pump at your home that provides heat in the winter and cooling AC in the summer.



6 Responses to Heat Pump Operational Costs Survey

  1. The heating cycle is not the same heat as a hot air furnace or electric baseboard heat..The heat pump creates a "cool" heat in my opinion...

  2. The house is a 6 BR rental house on the shores of Cape Hatteras used mainly in the Summer. The electric bill in the Summer is about $1,000. We close the house in November and open it again before Easter. No electric is used for these months(4-5).

  3. I like the air side of the heat pump, the heat feels like it is blowing cool air. We use gas fire place inserts to help heat.

  4. I live in the NE USA and have a Fujitsu heat pump. It produced heat last winter in the coldest days.It seams to be energy saving .

    • You mean the large electric-resistance coils in the air handler in the BASEMENT produced heat on that coldest winter day. Once the outside temperature drops below 37 F, the heat pump relies on heating using direct electric coils. This is a little known factoid.

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