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Helly Hansen Rain Jacket

Helly Hansen Rain Jacket

Here I am staying nice and dry in my vivid blue Helly Hansen rain jacket. It really helps make my blue eyes pop! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

I've been testing a Helly Hansen rain jacket for months. If you want to split hairs, it's official name is the Helly Hansen Chelsea Shell Jacket. But few use all those words when doing an online search to find this gem.

It's my policy to put products through real and extended testing so I can share with you a valid review.

Helly Hansen Rain Jacket Performance

This rain jacket is the absolute best one I've ever worn for any number of reasons.

In the first place, it kept me dry as a bone when I wore it in heavy rain. The jacket also was cut to fit very well.

Equally important the jacket looks fantastic.

Great Visibility From Reflective Stripes

This Helly Hansen rain jacket has some very sleek reflective stripes on the back, front and the bottoms of the sleeves. This comes in very handy as I like to walk down the dark rural streets near my home in central New Hampshire late on a winter day.

In late December, it's completely dark by 4:45 PM so this safety feature is very welcome.

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helley hansen rain jacket sleeve

Here's the bottom of one of the sleeves. I loved the adjustable hook-and-loop adjustment, the black color that doesn't show dirt and the reflective safety stripe does a great job alerting drivers as your arms swing as you walk. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

helly hansen rain jacket underarm vent

Here's a handy feature - an underarm vent. Unzip this vent to help keep you cool and to vent water vapor back to the atmosphere. Very clever. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

helly hansen rain jacket rain beading

Rain doesn't stand a chance. It beads up and rolls onto the ground. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

helly hansen rain jacket interior liner

The interior of this rain jacket is an open webbing that really allows you to breath. Behind the webbing is another layer that keeps you warm. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Given these points made in the above photos, this Helly Hansen rain jacket is hereby awarded the prestigious Ask the Builder 5-hammer rating.

It doesn't get any better than that - five out of five hammers!

Thanks Helly Hansen for making such a wonderful product!

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