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High Performance Asphalt Repair Products

High Performance Asphalt Patching Products

If you want some really good products to patch your blacktop driveways, you need not go too far. If you are lucky, you might have an old fashioned building supply store near you. This is a place that commonly sells, brick, mortar, cement, reinforcing steel, drainage pipe, and similar building products, etc. We have at least 3 or 4 of these still left in my hometown.

Often these places sell cold patch blacktop. Years ago, the cold patch products were just formulated to act as a temporary patch until a contractor could come along and install hot mix asphalt. Well, as with many things, improvements in adhesives and glues have found their way into cold patch asphalt. If you can find one of the products listed below, you can install a permanent blacktop patch if you follow the instructions on the bag. I have done it numerous times and many of the patches look as good as new.

The building supply stores will also sell blacktop or asphalt crack sealing compounds. These products are often an emulsion of asphalt and synthetic rubbers. The more rubber that is in the mix, the better the crack filler will perform. As you might expect, products with more rubber cost more. Look for the most expensive crack filler and purchase it. Follow directions to the letter. Most require that the crack edges are clean and dry. This means you will often have to wash them out with a hose on one day and then fill them the next day after the cracks have dried out.

Call the manufacturers below to find out where in your area you can find them. They might be available at a large home center, but don't count on it!

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  • EZ Street
    EZ Street Company
    1786 NW 82nd Ave.
    Miami, FL 33126
  • High Performance Cold Patch
    Hy Grade Corp.
    3993 E. 93rd Street
    Cleveland, OH 44105
  • PLM 1010 High Performance Cold Mix
    PLM Corporation
    7424 Bessemer Ave.
    Cleveland, OH 44127
  • QPR - 2000
    QPR, Div. Lafarge North America, Inc
    12735 Morris Road Extension
    Alpharetta, GA 30004


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