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Home Depot Dryer Installation

lg electric dryer 2022

Home Depot dryer installation | This is my son's LG electric dryer after I corrected the dangerous Home Depot installation mistake.

Home Depot Dryer Installation

On May 25, 2022, Home Depot delivered an LG dryer and washer to my son's house in Nashua, NH. My son had told them not to do the actual hookups because it cost $500 and he knew I could do it for nothing.

The installers must have not read the paperwork and proceeded to start to install the 240-volt electric cord my son had purchased with the appliances.

The installers connected the cord to the dryer without using a proper Romex connector. This grave error, over time, would have started an electrical fire because the vibrations of the rotating dryer would wear through the wire insulation. Look at the photos I shot:

LG dryer electric unsafe connection

This is the frightful thing I saw when I decided to check to see if the Home Depot installers did the right thing. Can you see the mistake? Can you imagine what happens when the dryer operates and vibrates?

lg dryer electrical connection panel

What you see above is exactly how the Home Depot installers installed the cable. Look at the full-color diagram on the back of the dryer in the lower left corner of the photo. When I removed the steel plate on the rear of the dryer to access the electrical panel, this is what I saw. This is why you should get educated about how things work instead of trusting others. After all, it's just your life and that of your loved ones. After removing the cable above and installing the code-required Romex/NMB connector, I installed the wires CORRECTLY.

3/4 inch romex connector

This is the inexpensive UL and NEC-approved connector that should have been installed by the Home Depot installers. It's unacceptable that they don't carry a box of these in their truck at all times.

3/4 inch romex connector threads

This view of the connector shows how it works. See the thin nut? You remove that and put the connector through the hole in the back of the dryer. You then screw on the nut and tighten the connector so it can't vibrate loose. Then you turn the screws to move the clamp so the thick black cable can fit through the connector. You push enough of the cable through the connector so the black cable insulation shows on the other side of the romex connector. The final step is to tighten the clamp screws so the cable can't move within the connector.

lg dryer electric cable installed

This is the finished installation that I did. There's nothing hard about this and it's completely safe to do. You can install cables like this if you can fog a mirror and understand simple colored wiring diagrams.



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