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Plans are a very important part of the remodeling or new home building projects. There is very affordable software available that can be used for a variety of planning.

It will allow you to design a small garden shed all the way up to a mansion. It will do complete blueprints with interior and exterior elevations. It will show you 3D views of the plans.

As you are designing your project, the software will allow you to apply different textures, such as brick, stone, hardwood floors, tile, etc. It will also do landscaping.

The 3 dimensional views will allow you to see the finished project with various lighting configurations. You can do a cut-away view much like a child's doll house.

One more neat feature of this software package is once the plans are done, you can built a scale 3 dimensional model of the house or shed. Print out the pieces and glue them to foam board and you have a 3D model. This software package has all the features for planning your next project.


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