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Home Security Camera

A home security camera, in my opinion, is perhaps one of the most ingenious and helpful inventions when it comes to applying modern technology to the average home. Here is an item that's both affordable and extraordinary. Home security cameras allow you to have extra sets of eyes watching your loved ones and your possessions. These electronic eyes never blink, never get bored, never need sleep nor take bathroom breaks. They can observe and record all activity that happens while you concern yourself with other things.

Traditional home security cameras need a cable to send the video images to a monitor, computer or a simple digital video recorder (DVR). These cables can be pesky to run, and are challenging to install in an existing home. A wireless home-security camera eliminates the need for the video cable. These wireless cameras still require a power source, but not having to run the video cable is a big time saver.

Not too long ago, I tested a home-security camera system. I was really impressed with how easy it was to set it up. The system I tested came with four separate cameras, a monitor to view all cameras at once and a DVR. The integration of the system was truly plug and play. There was no software to load. You simply connected all the components powered them up, and you were viewing and recording what the cameras saw. In years past, a home-security camera system like this would have only been available to the wealthy. But with advancements in technology, the equipment is very affordable.

You may be interested in an outdoor home-security camera. I have that same need. Soon I'll be building a new home, and I want to be able to view the construction site both night and day. You may want an outdoor camera to see who is at your front door or walking around your home. You can get an outdoor camera that will resist all weather and has infrared capabilities to illuminate objects that are in the dark. I like this stealth technology as people who are walking near your home at night have no idea they are being watched.

If you purchase a home-security Internet camera, you can watch what's happening and be thousands of miles away. You can view what the camera is seeing in real time by using a simple Internet connection and some simple software, or a special website. Some cameras allow you to move them up and down, left and right and zoom in and out all remotely over the Internet. This feature is helpful if you have a vacation home or a business you wish to view.

When you start to get serious about purchasing a home-security video camera, take your time and compare features. Be sure that the cameras will produce great resolution so the video images are crisp and clear. If you're serious about the infrared aspect, make sure the video camera produces the infrared light that illuminates the objects. Pay attention to the real distance the camera can see when in the infrared mode.

Be sure to pay close attention to price. The marketplace is so competitive, that price is often a great barometer about quality. A higher-priced home-security video camera may contain better parts thus producing better images and offer more durability.

You may have a need for a hidden home-security camera. These devices are often used to record babysitters, housekeepers, workmen or any other person you may not completely trust. Hidden home-security cameras are surrounded by controversy as they are considered an invasion of privacy. If you intend to use one to record someone without their permission, be sure you have the legal right to do this. It's possible in some states that you may not have the right to use a camera like this even in your own home. 

I have a home-security surveillance camera that's not much larger than a pack of cigarettes. As time goes on and technology improves, I predict you'll be able to get fantastic cameras that will be no larger than a book of matches. When you combine this small size with wireless capabilities you can see how advantageous it can be to own a home-security camera or several of them. I can tell you that these cameras generate enormous amounts of peace of mind. When you get one and record images for the first time, you'll be a believer for sure.

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