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Hot Water Recirculating System

Steaming hot water as soon as you turn on a shower valve is a great feeling on a cold morning. The same is true at your kitchen sink or any other plumbing fixture. As our lives become more fast paced, we don't want to wait for anything. Instant gratification is unfortunately becoming the norm.

The installation of a hot water recirculating loop system will allow you to have hot water at your fixtures. Those people who have their heaters below the piping system get the recirculating work done for free Those who live in slab houses or who have hot water lines below the heater must use inexpensive in-line recirculating pumps. The point is that you do not have to wait for hot water.

New Construction vs. Existing

If you are building a new home or rehabilitating one, now is the time to put in a recirculating loop! You will have no trouble installing the return loop lines and insulating all of the necessary pipes.

If your house is an existing two story house, it can be tough to get a return loop pipe up close to the second floor or higher bathrooms.

It is also virtually impossible to properly insulate all of the hot water supply pipes.

Existing ranch style houses that have a great majority of the plumbing pipes exposed in the basement are the best candidates for retrofitting. These houses allow you to insulate all but just a few feet of hot water supply lines. They also permit you to install a return loop close to each hot water fixture.

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