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How High Wood Siding Off Ground

Quick Column Summary:

  • Siding replacement height from ground
  • Building code standards
  • Better than building code installation

Michael Slater is putting new wood siding on his house in St. Catherine's - Ontario, Canada. Here's what he said:

"I am replacing old vinyl siding with pine board and batten.

How far off the ground level should I place my boards?

The vinyl was at 10 inches,  but I would like to show a little less concrete foundation.

I am in Canada and in a moderate snow belt. What do you think?"

Mike, the building code here in the USA used to say that wood siding must be 6 inches above grade. 

Realize the building code is a set of MINIMUM standards. That means if you place the siding 6 inches above the ground you get a 70 percent on the test. You just BARELY pass.

Keep it up the 10 inches like the vinyl. Be SURE you apply two coats of stain or paint to the end grain that's facing DOWN towards the ground.


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