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How Much Electricity Does an EV Consume When Charging

How Much Electricity Does an EV Consume When Charging?

The following was published in the January 21, 2024 issue of the AsktheBuilder.com newsletter. You can get your free subscription by clicking here.

Future Electric Brown & Blackouts at Your Home or Business

I'll bet you think of electricity like you do oxygen. It's just there. Your lungs go back and forth and you live because there's air all around you.

It's the same with electricity. This magic invisible power source is alive inside the walls and ceilings in your home or business.

Your refrigerator works without you doing a thing. Your electric oven bakes delicious cakes and blueberry, pumpkin, and pecan pies without you hoping it's going to heat up. It just does each and every time.

How would you feel if your utility company took away your electricity?

You know, they make it scarce.

What happens if it is 0 F or 105 F outdoors when they decide they need to give your electricity to someone else?

You couldn't go online to complain as your Wifi would be dead. It needs juice to work in addition to being connected to the cable or phone company.

You could use your cellphone, but do you think the utility company is going to magically restore your power because you complain?


Without electricity, your life GRINDS TO A HALT.

Events swirling around you right now that could make brown and blackouts a real possibility in your life. Not just one, but maybe several a day or many each week.

I want to thank John, Doug, and a handful of other fellow subscribers who have supplied information about this topic.

How Much Juice Does Your Home Consume?

Do you know how much electricity you consume each day? I'm willing to bet you don't.

This past Friday, January 19, 2024, my house gobbled up 54.13 kWh (kilowatt hours) in twenty-four hours. A kWh is a unit of energy. Utility companies sell energy. To determine how much energy you use measured in kWh, multiply kilowatts by hours.

Here is a bar chart of the usage per hour:

bar chart of tim carter electric usage in one day

You can readily see that between 3 and 4 PM we used the most electricity. In those 60 minutes, we were sucking about 3.2 kW per hour from the grid.

A considerable portion of that is being used by the many grow lights my dear sweet wife Kathy has on to keep her hundreds of orchids blooming and growing.

She also has four humidifiers running. What's interesting about the chart is you can clearly see when the grow-light timers turn on and off. Those lights are responsible for half our usage each month!

Happy wife happy life!!

Other than that, the refrigerator and freezer are chugging away and two desktop computers are sending massive amounts of blue light into our eyes. I do have a small oil-filled radiator up in my man cave to keep that tiny room warm.

My guess is you consume about 1.5 kW per hour(kWh) at your home on average.

Keep in mind that kW shouldn't be confused with kW hours (kWh). A kilowatt is 1,000 watts. If you turn on ten 100-watt light bulbs, you're consuming 1,000 watts at that instant of time. Keep those ten bulbs burning for an hour, and you'll get charged for 1 kilowatt hour (kWh) of power usage by your utility company.

How Much Electricity Does an EV Consume When Connected to a Fast Charger?

Do you own a Tesla, Ford Lightning pickup truck, or similar electric vehicle (EV)? Just a few days ago I saw my first EV Rivian pickup truck.

Have you seen any news reports about how much electricity it takes to recharge the massive batteries that are under the seats in these vehicles?

I know I haven't.

To be honest, I never gave it much thought but my gut told me massive amounts of electricity were required to recharge those huge batteries in a short amount of time.

What I'm about to tell you will stun you. I know because it made my eyes open as big as silver dollars. A subscriber sent me a short video of a man charging his EV at a typical charging station.

Look at this screenshot taken from the video. The video was created while an EV charging station was injecting electricity into the battery of an EV like a 2.5-inch firehose spews water on a fire:

ev charging station screen showing kW demand

Assume to get a full charge this car will be there for about an hour. If so, it's going to suck 137 kWh from the grid. That same amount of power could have kept the lights on and refrigerators running for one hour in 91 houses.

That SINGLE charging station, not unlike the ones you see in your city or town, is capable of delivering 350 kW PER HOUR.

In this situation, the charging station was dispensing electricity into the man's EV - a vast amount of electricity. If the 137 kW charging rate stays constant and the car stays connected for one hour, 137 kWh worth of electricity will be dumped into the battery.

This is just ONE charging station for ONE EV. There were six stations, I believe, at this charging location.

Has that 137 kW number bounced around in your tiny gray cells like a shiny silver ball in a pinball machine?

The electricity being SUCKED from the grid to charge that ONE EV would power 91 houses like mine if the grow lights weren't on.

If there were six EVs at that location all charging up at the same time, those SIX CARS would take out of the grid the electricity that was destined to go to 546 houses.

One of those houses could be yours.

Do you see where this is headed?

I have five Tesla charging stations in my town of Meredith, NH. Here's the label from one of them:

tesla charging station label

I was taught volts x amps = watts. If that's the case, this charger is capable of delivering 175,000 watts. If it does that for one hour, the amount of energy put into the vehicle would be 175 kWh. Copyright 2024 Tim Carter

A Texas Congressman does. WATCH THIS 60-second video where he exposes how you are being bamboozled.

Watch this video to see Andrew Boyle, an expert, share stories about how planned projects would require more power than an entire city:

What happens if you try to charge 100 EVs at once in your city? How about 1,000 EVs?

How many cars and pickup trucks are in your city or town?

Do you live in a big city? Have you seen how many cars fly down the interstate highway in an hour?

How many millions of cars are in Los Angeles?

How much POWER would it take to charge just 10 percent of them at once?

If you're already awake, fantastic. If not, please


How Many New Power Plants are Being Built Across the Fruited Plain?

You don't have to be an Einstein to realize that if this EV unicorn-and-rainbows panacea the government is ramming down your throat comes to fruition there WILL BE brown and blackouts.

Numbers don't lie.

Each small city or town would have to have its OWN power plant! Do the math yourself. Just imagine that 10,000 EVs need to be recharged each day in your city or town.

I'll do the math for you. Without new power plants being built to handle this vast demand, 910,000 houses would NOT GET electricity.

That smart meter out on your exterior wall would remotely SHUT OFF your power.

Too bad so sad.

I can hear some of you now, "Tim, you're a fool. Solar and wind will save the day."

Please don't patronize me. I'm not an idiot.

Solar panels don't work here in New Hampshire 16 hours out of 24 in December. It's pitch black outside!

The wretched windmills in Rumney, NH that ruin the view often are not spinning.

Power plants MUST OPERATE 24/7/365.

Have you had enough?

STOP TRUSTING the government.

STOP TRUSTING your NEWS sources. They are LYING TO YOU about EVs, climate change, Russian collusion, etc.

They have not been telling you the whole truth about EVs.

A half-truth is a whole lie.

START questioning everything.


The following was sent to me after this page was published. Judi, one of my subscribers, packed lots of other information about EVs into a very small space:

"Thank you for this article on EV's and the power grid. The current Administration's shortsighted mandate on EV's (among other things!)  is ridiculous and out of touch with the cross-section of America!

We simply don't have the infrastructure in place to support it, not only from the perspective of the power grid but from the very fact that most Americans cannot afford an EV and don't have the luxury of having an in-home charger. Think of the number of apartments, condos, and townhomes that lack personal parking spaces and the ability to just plug in their vehicles!

And think, too, of the cost of installing these charging stations and who will pay for them! Does anyone pay for my gasoline or provide me with a personal gas station? My HOA has looked into this issue and has found that older homes often don't even have the electrical capacity to support these chargers.

And let's not forget the time component needed to charge these vehicles! We live in a fast-paced highly mobile society where time is money! How many times have I looked at my fuel gauge and realized my gas was low? But with a myriad of gas stations in my area, it was no problem. I could stop and be on my way in 10 minutes! Not so with an EV charge!

There's also a ton of other EV considerations that nobody wants to talk about: the weight of the vehicles, which drags down the distance one can go in a charge and makes it difficult to locate a repair shop that can lift it.

Here's a short list of other issues with EVs:

  • The weight of the battery wears down tires (all tires need to be replaced in only 30-40k miles), an issue for Goodyear is currently trying to develop an EV-specific tire
  • There is a lack of space, especially in urban areas, for the necessary number of chargers
  • The cost of replacing an EV battery (several thousand dollars) after a rather limited number of miles
  • The fact that mechanics aren't needed for these cars, results in job loss across the country
  • The fact that our auto industry is built on service, which is where the dealership makes its money;
  • The fact that getting technicians skilled in EV vehicle maintenance will lag behind the mandated demand

I could go on and on but you know the issues...

We can only hope that many souls who are asleep wake up soon!"

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