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How Much Gravel Under New Blacktop

Quick Column Summary:

  • Install a blacktop driveway over gravel
  • Is additional gravel needed
  • You need the right gravel, installed in layers

Dawn Coleman, from Munford, TN, is about to install a new blacktop asphalt hot top driveway.

But she doesn't feel good about the estimate she received. Let her tell the story.

"I currently have a gravel driveway and want an asphalt driveway installed.  The contractor quoted me a price for $2980.00 but is NOT going to add any additional gravel on top of the existing (no visible rocks left) driveway.

He intends to compact 2" asphalt on top of the existing drive - is this typical?  I am worried that this is not standard and the driveway will fall apart eventually.  Please provide me some advice!!!"

Here's my advice to Dawn:

Dawn, you came to the right place. First, I suggest you purchase my Asphalt / Blacktop / Tar and Chip Contractor Hiring Guide.

This document is loaded with information that tells you how the job should be done.

The bottom line is I'd not use the contractor that gave you the quote.

I'd use the form I developed and get at least three more quotes.

The gravel beneath a blacktop drive is what gives it its strength. You need to have the right gravel and it needs to be installed and compacted in layers.

I cover all this in the Hiring Guide above.


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