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How to Build a Ramp Video

How to Build a Ramp

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I want to show your some of the components when building a very simple ramp for your garden shed. This ramp is going into a garden shed and it is made out of four 4x4's that are a little less then eight-feet long.

The 4x4's rest on top of a 2x4 that is attached to the front of the shed. The 4x4's are notched to fit over the 2x4. The top of the ramp is a 3/4-inch thick piece of treated plywood. That's nice material.

At the bottom of the ramp, the 4x4's rest on top of another 4x4. This 4x4 has been buried in the ground and is level with the shed. This keeps all the four 4x4's spaced properly. The gap at the bottom will be filled with 3/4-inch, angular gravel. Some of the gravel will go under the plywood and help support the end of the ramp.

With the top edge of the ramp extending up and into the shed, the rain will be blocked from getting under the garage door. It also ties the ramp into the shed framing, locking the ramp in place.

It is easy to construct the ramp. You want to be sure that the ramp is not more then 11-degrees. That is about two inches of rise for every 12" of run. That will make it so your lawn mower doesn't drag or get stuck going into or out of the shed.


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