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How To Fix A Leaky Gutter Video

Aluminum gutters rarely leak along the length of the gutter. The leaks occur at corners and the downspout. The solve the leak you need the right sealer or glue. Many of the gutter manufacturers have a sealer that is compatible with their gutters. Check the end caps for the manufacturer's name. If their name is there, get the gutter seal for that type of gutter.

Clean the inside of the gutter around the leak. Remove any standing water and using a small scrub brush and some soap, clean the inside of the gutter. Rinse it and dry it. Then following the directions on the gutter sealer, apply it to the leaky joint. Apply a liberal amount because it will shrink as it dries.

The gutter seal material is easy to work with. It can be spread with a twig or stick and it sticks tight to the gutter. Your leak at that joint will be solved.


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  1. my gutters are leaking at the corners whats the best way to fix it for good thankyou. also a helpful all repair newsletter will help about repairs around the house .

  2. My gutter endcap does not have a name on it to match the sealer. What would you recommend if I cannot determine the brand of al. gutter?

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