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How To Foam Insulation Board Video

How To Foam Insulation Board

Hi, I'm Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder.com. I want to talk about little about closed cell foam insulation and how is can be used to insulate the floor system in a shed or out building that has a wood floor. There are two benefits from this product.

First, I am using the closed-cell foam insulation, 4-inches thick, in between the floor joists. Each inch has an R-valve of 5. In this application, the foam blocks are just pressed fitted into place. So to keep them from falling over the years, we installed pressure-treated blocks to support the insulation.

The other benefit of this product is it is a tremendous vapor retarder. Lots of moisture will come up out of the soil under the shed and try to get into the structure. This insulation will block that moisture.

Just be sure you cut it nice and snug between the floor joints and you will be good to go. So remember, closed-cell foam insulation is a great insulator for floor systems.


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