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How To Glue PVC Pipe Video

How to Glue PVC Pipe

The first step is to cut your PVC correctly. The cut has to be square and free of burrs. If you use a hand saw, make sure the cut is straight. A compound miter saw will provide a nice smooth, straight cut the first time. Before gluing, remove all burrs from the end of the cut pipe. A razor knife can be used to clean up the ends.

Next step is to clean the PVC pipe with a clean cloth to remove any dirt. Then, apply a PVC primer. The primer is a water-like substance that softens the pipe and fitting. As soon as you apply the primer, you can apply the glue.

Put glue on both the pipe and fitting. Press the parts together and twist the parts about 90 degrees to evenly spread the glue. Hold the pieces together for a few seconds to ensure they don't pop apart.

Follow the steps and you will have leak-free connections.


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