How to Install Extension Jambs on Vinyl Windows

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How to Install Extension Jambs in Vinyl Windows Podcast:

Tim Carter answers a question or two from Steven, or Stephen depending on how you spell it, who lives in Florida.

Steven cut into an exterior wall and put in two new vinyl windows. The issue is the windows are not as thick as the wall assembly and they're recessed in from the inner finished wall surface. Here's what Steven asked me:

"I want to put 1/8" sheetrock over existing fiberboard as I work on my circa 1926 home. Here are two new windows I had installed as I did a re-side on this bedroom wall. I would like to have wood trim around the windows. How should I proceed?"

Here's the photo Steven sent me so I could see exactly what he was trying to accomplish:

extension jambs vinyl windows

It's going to take some patience to get professional results. But it's possible. I'd absolutely install a window sill. WATCH the video just below.


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