How to Install Floor in Attic

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How to Install Attic Floor Podcast:

Tim Carter talks with Eric in Texas about his attic. Eric wants to transform empty attic space and needs to know how to install an attic floor.

The issue is there are electric cables on top of the attic floor joists. Tim shares how to deal with this conundrum.

install attic floor

This is Eric's attic floor. See the electric cables?

install attic floor

Here's another shot of Eric's floor.

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3 Responses to How to Install Floor in Attic

  1. Perfect solution for Eric's problem! Looks like you have to get it straight from Loftzone, a British company, and they do ship to the US. Loftzone also sells their products on eBay.

  2. Hello Tim, I have talked to you in the past and you helped me out with my deck project! Sadly, I could hear Eric clearly but your voice was very muffled. I believe I heard you give Eric advice about notching the top of the joist as one of his options. Where I'm from, you can't do that in the middle 1/3rd of the joist. The joists did look beefy but was there enough support below or were they designed to support the existing load only. (Meaning a room above isn't allowed.) Also, if there are any electrical junction boxes, we're required to have access to those, they can't be buried. I did hear you recommend metal plates over the electrical, very good advice. Lastly, the space looks unconditioned, I couldn't hear if you recommended anything for that. I might have recommended cutting 3/4" plywood in 1 1/2" widths. Doing a quick tack in place on top of the length of the joist, (Except where the wire runs) thus making the notch opening without notching the actual joist. I still would use the metal strike plate over the electric and when the floor is secured, use long enough anchors to penetrate through the 3/4" strips and anchor securely into the joist.

    • Looking at the post above mine, you must have talked about LoftZone. I couldn't hear that part. I did a quick look up and that appears to be a very interesting product. As always you give good advice.

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