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How to Install Laminate Flooring Video 3 of 3

Tim Carter demonstrates how to install a laminate floor in just a few hours.

DIY laminate flooring, How To Laminate Flooring, Laminate Floor Secrets are all discussed in this three-part video series. Be SURE to click through to get the Quick Start Guide at Tim's AsktheBuilder.com website.

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4 Responses to How to Install Laminate Flooring Video 3 of 3

  1. Your video on laminate flooring was very good. Do you have a video using the glue type vinyl strips? I would assume it would be similar except scribe and break instead of sawing.

  2. Enjoy learning from your videos. Floor looks great. Fully grasped the importance of the random joints and mixed textures. The basics you assumed we know are where we beginners may falter. Is cutting from the back with the saw all that is needed to prevent splintering? Does the type of saw, hand held electric, table, miter, you are using matter and if so, why? It would have helped to see how the underlayment is overlapped and attached. May be too simple to be a problem but 10 seconds seeing you do a portion would answer any questions. Few rooms are plumb. How do you mark the end of row to maintain the 1/4 inch gap and still have a clean butt joint if the wall is uneven or at a slight angle?
    Please continue providing these videos with your great advice Tim.

    • Cutting upside down with a sharp blade is the key. A miter saw would be best. Underlayment just lays on the floor. You may have to tape it to keep it from curling. Floors are not plumb - they may have humps and dips. You use a straightedge to determine. Me installing the flooring over the screeded thinset took out all the humps and bumps. My floor was in the same plane. If a wall is off so much as to not give you a clean parallel cut on a 6-inch piece of flooring, you've got serious issues or an intentionally angled wall! The parallel cut is not critical. It gets covered by baseboard THEN the toe strip. Lots of room for error.

  3. Nice floor. Laminate flooring has really come a long way. People are using it in high-end houses. But - you did not show one single shot of actually installing a board with the connections to the previous boards on two sides.

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