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How to Paint a Door Video

If you need to paint a new wood door or an existing interior door, and want long lasting, professional results, remove all door hardware first. The time spent trying to mask off all the hardware will be longer than simply removing it. Plus, you won't get paint on the door knob or plates.

Remove the door knobs and back plates first. Remove the lock set and don't forget the hinges. To help with the hinge removal, open the door slightly and place a shim under the corner to support the door. Then unscrew the hinges, starting with the bottom and working your way up. Once the hinges have been removed, you can take the door down and lay it on the latch edge. This will allow access to the top, bottom and hinge edges. It is important to paint these edges so moisture does not get into the wooden door and cause it to warp or twist.

Once all the hardware is off, paint the door getting all the sides and edges. The removal of the hardware will help with that professional looking finish.


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  1. I take the hardware off and tape the hinge side now I'll take the great advice keep it coming.Thanks for the great tip.

  2. Great ideas, I have been painting my doors just like that for the past 25 years. Just reinforces my thoughts on door painting. Do it right, the first time.

    Thank you Tim

  3. Im a perfectionist. and yes this is the way i do it also. LOL some times my projects take to long because of it. But the good thing is. its done right. Right on Tim.. 🙂

  4. Yes but......metal door so not as concerned about moisture and warping but agree that taking off the hardware keeps it looking great!

  5. Tim, I hadn't taken the hinges off in the past but will now. I have 2 interior doors to paint so perfect timing. And I hadn't known about the shim. Thanks.

  6. I am a long time DIYer. I do remove all the hardware with the exception of the hinges. I find that I can tape off the hinges faster than removing the door and hinges; but otherwise, we're on the same page.

  7. Aaarrgghh-! NO, I did NOT know that-!
    (But I guess I need to find a 500-pound gorilla, here in the neighborhood, to help me with it-!)

  8. Good advice! We don't watch ANY videos any more for fear of virus, but got your message from the text. We have "cross and bible" doors (6 panel) so we take special care to paint each piece of the door with final brush strokes along the wood grain.

  9. Tim

    I remove all of the hardware and place the door on the saw horse, but I prefer using a mini-roller for the painting. It does a great job on the edges and doesn't leave the brush marks.

  10. Tim,
    Unfortunately you only told half the story. Stripping doors is OK if you have time and get properly paid to do that but on old painted doors where other tradesmen have been there before you you would be looking for trouble to remove all the hardware.
    What about - how to actually paint the door once all the hardware is off?
    Brush, roller, long, short hair? How does one paint the other side after painting the first side?
    Please finish the job.

  11. Yes. It's easier to remove the door and hardware, place the door on two sawhorses, and then paint it. More professional results!

  12. I have always taken the hardware and door off, but I find it easier to remove the hinge pins to remove the door before unscrewing the hinge plate. Trying to realign the door to the screw holes would be more difficult then reinserting hinge pins.

  13. Yes, this is the way I paint a door. I started painting a door by following the steps you described in the video - no one told me how to do it that way. It just struck me as a reasonable procedure to follow and the results are wonderful.

  14. Yes and No. I knew about allthe tips and did them all except painting top and bottom. I always felt it was too much trouble. rom now on I will also paint the tops and bottoms. PLUS will I'm writing I'd like to thank you for your weekly news letter. Although as a Brit living in England I find it most interesting. I have been DIY'ing for over 55 years and there is so much more to learn. Some of your tips rarelly affect us in the UK such as snow clearance M/C's and sidings but others tiling, painting and using concrete certainly does. However many of the names and terms used in the USA do differ from those in the UK and I then have an some amusing time finding the English equivalents. Keep up the good work Tim and I am looking forward to visiting the East Coast and possibly meeting you.

  15. I knew all of these tips. Maybe the video should have been called "how to prep a door for painting instead". Not much content on the actual painting

  16. Yes. I am painting several interior doors and plan to paint an exterior one soon. Removing the hardware is the only way to go.

  17. Yes I knew that! But how do you correct a door when after being painted sticks/rubs at the top to the door frame?

  18. Hi Tim, Good video. Like all your videos and tips there's something in them for everyone. Keep up up the good work with your news letter I look for it every week.

  19. Yes. It always bugs me when the hardware id not removed. Moat professional painters I've seen are pretty good at cutting around the hardware, but don't really do it correctly.

  20. Yes, I not only didn't know about the shims, but I also learned to start to remove the hardware from the bottom!

  21. My problem is with how you removed the door. You should always remove the pin from the hinges. Rather than unscrewing them. By unscrewing them you could damage the wood around the edges of the hinge recesses.

  22. I hadn't thought about the shims before; a good idea if you are not lucky enough to have removable hinge pins.

  23. I also use two sawhorse with 2x4 ' s, insert 2 screws at each end and support the door on the screws so I can flip the door and paint it completely, a dab of caulk fills the unseen holes.

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