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How to Repair a Crumbling Foundation Part 2 of 3

Tim Carter travels to Mt. Airy, MD to demonstrate to Lynn on a rainy day, how she'll repair her foundation.

This is part two of a three-part video series.

I'm back up on Lynn's front porch and it's raining. It's just crazy. Tomorrow is May 1st and I think I saw a glacier driving here.

Let's talk a little bit about the tools on that we're going to use for or that Lynn's going to use to fix her crumbling foundation. It's just cosmetic once again, it's not structural so nothing to worry about.

There's a few really basic tools to get really professional results. Here's what there are. This is a neat little sponge that I would recommend using. This tool will be used in the final stages to give texture to the cement stucco patch. As it gets harder, Lynn can match the patch and make it look exactly like the existing part.

Here's a standard long paintbrush, nothing fancy. This paint brushes can be used to up apply the secret compound that's going to make sure that the stucco stays on and that cement paint, that we are going to mix up in just a moment.

This is just a regular scraper but it doesn't have any flex to it. It is very stiff and is just about three inches wide. This is a nice tool to use to apply it and shape the stucco as it starts to get harder. That's is all this really be use for.

Here's a very small trowel, and is one of my favorites. This tool is about 35 years old. It is one of my favorite little trowels, that I have used for many, many years for little project like this. It's great to mix material up with and because of the pointed shape, it's great to apply it and worked with. It is a lot
easier to do really delicate work with a tool like this.

And the last tool is a brush. Lynn called it a wallpaper brush. I just love these brushes are many, many uses. This is after you scrape most to the rough stuff that's crumbling away, you would go back with this brush and really brush the concrete block to get all of the loose particles out of the way.

So that's all the tools you need to do this job.

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