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How to Solder Copper Pipe Video

Mix up the solder flux or paste in case it has separated. Take the solder paste brush and apply the solder flux onto the pipe and inside the fitting. Assembly the parts to be soldered and heat up the torch. Acetylene or propane soldering torches work great. Apply torch to the joints for several seconds. Once the joint is hot, remove the torch and touch the solder to the joint. The heat in the pipes will be enough to make the solder flow into and around the joint.

Once finished, use a rag to clean up the joint. Be sure to remove any excessive flux. It flux is left on the pipes, it could corrode the pipe and cause a water leak.

Using the proper tools and taking your time will result in water tight seals every time.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your copper pipe soldering video. My issue has always been how to solder the next joint without undoing the previously soldered connection. Perhaps you can address that sometime please?

    • William, if you're soldering multiple joints that are near one another, the solder may liquify in one of the joints, but when the pipe and fittings cool, all will be well. If it's an OLD joint, I always wire brush the rim of the fitting to remove oxidation. I may put a light coat of flux on it. Then I solder what I need to do nearby. IF I don't feel confident about the old joint, then I'll touch it with some new solder to give it a new lease on life if you know what I mean. The trick is to get the old joint READY for solder SHOULD you decide to add it. You need to do that before you heat anything up.

  2. What's the easy way to do leak-proof vertical soldering? Soldering a fitting on the top of a vertical copper pipe? Thanks, Tim!

  3. Another nicely done video, Tim. I've never know about brushing clean the ends of the fitting.

    I've not done a lot of copper soldering but do like to have that rag wet, a quick swipe and excess solder is gone slick and smooth.

    Thanks again, Tim

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