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Humidity Settings vs. Temperature / Humidity Tables

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The following indoor relative humidity settings should provide you with a good comfort level. Almost all humidifiers come equipped with a humidistat. This device works just like your thermostat. You set the humidistat to a desired humidity level. When the humidity reaches that point, the humidifier stops working.

Suggested Indoor Humidity Settings

Outside Temperature

-10 F

0 F

10 F

20 F

30 F

Recommended Indoor
Relative Humidity






The following table gives you an idea of just how "dry" outside air is when it is brought indoors and then heated to room temperature. If you have low humidity in your home, you have air leaks. The dry outside air is mixing with your humid air and lowering the overall humidity. Plug your air leaks and you may not need a humidifier.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Humidity Comparison Tables
Outside Temperature Outside Relative Humidity Indoor Humidity when air is heated to 72 degrees F
-10 degrees F 40% 1%
60% 2%
80% 2%
0 degrees F 40% 2%
60% 2%
80% 5%
10 degrees F 40% 4%
60% 5%
80% 7%
20 degrees F 40% 6%
60% 8%
80% 11%
30 degrees F 40% 8%
60% 13%
80% 17%

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