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Hurricane Katrina Pictures

The following Hurricane Katrina photos were taken on January 3, 2007. The house photos were taken in the suburb of New Orleans called Lakeview. The beach photos were taken in Waveland, MS. All photos were taken by me.

I could have taken hundreds more photos, and now wish I had. Perhaps the best thing would have been a video that also had the soundtrack. The point being there was the absence of sound at all locations where we were. There were few people around, no cars, no traffic, nothing that would create the ordinary sounds you might hear in a living, breathing neighborhood.

If you want to read the story about why Kelly and I went to visit New Orleans and see firsthand the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, CLICK HERE.


This is a very typical abandoned house. You can see the search-team code inside the screened porch. Debris was everywhere, on roads, lawns, sidewalks, etc. It is my guess the debris has been laying there since the flood water receded.


This unique home is new or a complete restoration. This was a very rare thing to see. I loved the spirit that the house seems to be screaming. The owners are back and proud to be there. That much is very obvious.


This cute home is also a restoration. The trailer provided shelter for the past 16 months.


This is a typical street. Houses for sale, debris at the curb, debris in the street and an occasional car or truck parked in a driveway. We didn't see one person walking, jogging or outdoors at all.


Another temporary trailer, debris, weeds,and roadway in disrepair.


I think this house was under construction before Hurricane Katrina. The storm ravaged the Tyvek house wrap. Plus, the OSB sheathing is very gray indicating to me it has been exposed to sunlight for quite some time.


The deserted beach in Waveland, MS. This is all that is left of some fishing pier that extended out into the Gulf of Mexico.


The piers on the other side of the road used to have houses on them. Can you imagine being under 20 feet of raging water right here? The wave action as the storm surge got higher and higher pulverized the houses. As the water receded, it took much of the debris back out into the gulf. It is VERY unsafe to swim in the water at the beach, because of all of the debris just under the sand.


As best as I can determine, this is all that is left of some commercial pier. There may have been fishing bait shacks, gift shops, food stands, etc. on this pier. Perhaps some Waveland, MS resident will help me out and tell us what was once here. The blue gates are an obvious clue. There was a parking lot between the beach and the Beach Boulevard immediately to the right of this photo. That told me that a public swimming beach must have been on either side of this pier.

Matthew Mims of Kenner, LA wrote to me within hours of this page being published. He said:

"My grandmother had a house on the first block of Terrace Drive which is just across the street from the pier.

I believe the pier was named the Gardfield Ladner Memorial Pier. It was a very long fishing pier that was built around 1987, and added on to about ten years ago. There were a few pavilions at the pier, and there was talk about turning that area into a marina prior to Hurricane Katrina.

The worst part about Waveland is that the place does not look a whole lot different today than it did a year ago when we made our first trip down there post-Katrina."


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  1. I am a builder from Tampa,FL The destruction is unreal, undescribable! For 7 years later it is still many years from being rebuilt if ever I regret. The clean up still has years of being completed. You have to see the destruction to really feel the power that this storm had. I had to stop and look with awe and thank Almighty God that my family was spared from such destruction.

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