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Hydraulic Log Splitter Video


Look at the size of this log. Do you think I want to be carrying these around all day? Forget about it. When I have a lot of logs to split and a small amount of time, my weapon of choice is a gas-power, hydraulic log splitter. This is a massive hydraulic log splitter with 27-ton of power and it can handle longs up to 24 inch long and up to 24 or 30 inches in diameter.

Before you start using one of these log splitters, stop and get out the owner’s manual and read the safety instructions. The more complicated the tool, the more that can go wrong and the more serious the injuries.

The first step is turning the engine on to power the hydraulic pump. Then place a log on the splitter bed against the stop and turn on the hydraulic jack. Tell me that is not sweet!

If you do not want to lift the large, heavy logs and carry them over to set on the log splitter, because it is too much hard work. With this model hydraulic log splitter, you can tilt it up into a vertical position. Now instead of the piston going sideways, it goes up and down. Roll one of the logs onto the splitter stop, start the engine, pull the handle and the log is split with no lifting.

Tim Carter


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