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I Knew That!

You've Got a Marvel's Mind!
Okay, maybe I'll stump you next week! Thanks for voting!
My guess is that you don't know about all the new things I've got that can help you save time and money.
Just cruise around my AsktheBuilder shopping cart and see all the new things there!
Or, do you need to clean things around your house? Then use my Certified Organic Stain Solver!
Tim Carter
Do It Right, Not Over!


6 Responses to I Knew That!

  1. Knew the answer because we attended your workshop at Funland last month.Great column "I Didn't Know That'. I'm certain that last week's will be one of the few I will get. Hope to see you at the car rally in Maine working that radio. We'll be in the green MG (not racing, too old for that).

  2. It doesn't make you an idiot for asking this question. I doubt that half the Gold Coast City council workers that do this every day know the answer!!!

  3. Tim: You didn't ask enough questions in your newsletter - I didn't really know about all the videos, but only because I didn't read all your newsletters and actively follow up on the links. I suspect that will be true of most of your "I didn't know" respondents. I take the blame!

  4. Yes I know about septic system dist box as ours collapsed maybe twenty years ago. The top broke. I went to local plumbing supply store; bought replacement box and parts; did a little digging and installed new box. Not at all difficult. Not even smelly!

    Thanks for great news letter.

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